How Freeze Dry Machine Work

A freeze dryer gf-machine is simply an appliance that removes nearly all the moisture from foods.

A freeze dryer gf-machine is simply an appliance that removes nearly all the moisture from foods.

There are several important benefits to removing moisture from food (which we’ll get into later), the primary benefit being an incredibly long shelf life.

And when it comes to food preservation, and reduced food waste, it’s all about improved shelf life.

So now that you have an idea of WHAT a freeze dryer is, let’s discuss HOW a freeze dryer works.

Before we discuss how freezing drying works, let’s talk about how it doesn’t work!

You see, many people get the process of freeze-drying confused with dehydration.

Why? Because freeze drying and dehydration are two standard food preservation methods. And both methods remove water from food products. That’s why a lot of people mistakenly use the two terms interchangeably.

But there are major differences between dehydrated and freeze-dried food storage. First, let’s briefly discuss dehydration.

The Process Of Dehydration

Modern-day dehydration is a pretty simple process that nearly anyone can do at home.

Food dehydrators circulate hot, dry air across food on open racks. This causes the water to evaporate and the food to shrivel.

The temps are high enough to remove water but not high enough to actually cook the food.

Despite this, you lose many of the vitamins and nutrients in the process. Plus, the taste and texture can often change dramatically.

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